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Allied Health Insurance For Employers

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Allied Health is a health insurance company with a focus on member-centric solutions. These solutions help to lower costs, increase plan performance, and improve the overall member experience. Its team members are collaborative problem-solvers with a passion for innovation. In addition, the company fosters a culture of knowledge and rewards employees with competitive pay packages and robust benefits.

Allied National Funding Advantage

The Funding Advantage plan from Allied National offers great rates for employers who have two or more employees who have good health records. This health insurance plan pays claims with the money the employer already pays for the insurance, so it helps to keep costs under control and prevent large claims. For more information about this plan, visit the Funding Advantage web page.

To enroll in the program, a group needs to provide its employees’ names, Social Security numbers, and employment information. In addition, it should include renewal rates from its current carrier. All forms should be submitted to Allied by the agent. Be sure to fill them out legibly and in ink.

Allied National offers two plans: Freedom Traditional and Freedom Essentials. Both plans cover traditional major medical care. Freedom Plans are non-network plans and pay providers using Reference Based Pricing, which protects members from balance billing. The Funding Advantage plans provide a range of benefits, including an on-line video and brochure.

Funding Advantage accepts groups of two or more, so it makes sense for even the smallest employers. However, certain health risks will disqualify a group from Funding Advantage. This plan is a good choice for employers who are trying to manage health care costs.

Allied National Funding

Allied National Funding offers a number of quality benefits plans for employers and employees. The company also offers self-funded health plans, which offer employers the ultimate flexibility in terms of benefits and costs. These plans are available for employers with two or more employees who have a good health history.

Allied’s Freedom Plans pay physicians and facilities at rates that are up to 150% lower than Medicare. This lower reimbursement rate translates into lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs for the plan member. You can learn more about this plan by downloading its brochure or watching a video.

Allied’s Direct Primary Care (DPC) program is a revolutionary solution to rising health care costs. This innovative health care model provides comprehensive major medical coverage to members of small employers. Members pay a $15 copayment for each prescription, and there is no limit on the number of prescriptions.

Before applying for allied health insurance, you should gather all the information you can about your employees and dependents. If your group has a current health plan, you must submit it along with a billing statement or renewal rates from the current carrier. You should also submit a preprinted company check made out to Allied National. Allied also requires that groups with fewer than fifty employees provide their most recent state unemployment tax report. This report provides information such as employee names, Social Security numbers, and earnings.


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