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BTS Jimin’s South Korean Apartment Seized For Health Insurance Non-Payment

bts jimin health insurance

During his time with Big Hit Entertainment, Jimin has health insurance that covers dental care, vision care, prescriptions, and mental health services. Jimin is not required to pay the monthly premium, but he can submit medical bills for reimbursement. The plan costs around $1,150 a month.


The National Health Insurance Scheme, also known as NHIS, requires every citizen to pay their health insurance premiums on time. If a person does not pay their insurance premiums on time, the Ministry of Health and Welfare can take action. Unpaid insurance premiums are disposed of by compulsory collection.

BTs Jimin has been in the news lately, as his apartment was seized over unpaid health insurance premiums. According to South Korean news outlet Biz Hankook, the apartment was seized in January due to arrears. The national health insurance service issued four notices and Jimin did not pay them. However, on April 22, the seizure of his apartment was lifted.

According to reports, the apartment of BTS member Jimin was seized by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) on January 25 due to non-payment of his health insurance premiums. The singer had received four notices from the agency, but failed to pay them. The agency has apologized for its corporate negligence. After the seizure, Jimin returned his apartment. But he is now facing another set of issues.

The agency is now under investigation, citing “repetitive neglect” in denying Jimin health insurance premiums. It has not revealed the identity of the individual responsible for the mishap. It also claimed that a “journalist” from the #”media” published the documents of Jimin.


BTS member Jimin has been temporarily evicted from his apartment after not paying his health insurance premiums. The news broke out after he received four notices from the National Health Insurance Service regarding the non-payment of his premiums. His team, Bit Hit Music, stepped in to clear the situation.

The group has since apologized to their fans for the controversy. In the wake of the controversy, the group has met with US President Joe Biden and discussed many issues for 35 minutes, including inclusion of Asian Americans and the celebration of Asian American Heritage Month. Jimin addressed the health insurance issue and apologized to fans.

The incident occurred because Jimin’s apartment was seized by the National Health Insurance Service in January due to unpaid health insurance premiums. The agency has since admitted that it was the result of a mistake made by the agency. On April 22, after Jimin’s apartment was temporarily seized, the agency paid off the arrears and the agency will rescind the seizure order. However, the incident has brought the band’s fans to the public’s attention.

Jimin was hospitalized in late January for acute appendicitis. He also tested positive for a virus called Covid-19. After his treatment, BTS staged their first in-concerts in more than two years in late March. They then toured the US, where they attended the Grammy awards on April 3 and performed four live concerts in Las Vegas. They then returned to South Korea on April 19.

NHIS seizes Jimin’s apartment

South Korean actor Jimin has been in the news for several reasons. First, he was seized by the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) after failing to pay his health insurance premiums. According to the news report, Jimin was served with four notices in the mail before his house was seized. The seizure was lifted on April 22, after Jimin had paid the overdue premiums.

In an attempt to clear the air, the BTS agency has released a statement regarding Jimin’s apartment seizure. It was revealed that the incident occurred due to Jimin’s negligence and non-payment of his health insurance premiums. The agency also claimed that Jimin was not even aware that his apartment had been seized, and that he did not receive any of his mails.

Big Hit Music said on April 24 that it was not responsible for the seizure, but a mistake was made when staff members forgot to include the letter. The CEO of the company apologized for the mistake. It is not uncommon for BTS members to own valuable apartments, which is why it is so important that they pay their health insurance premiums on time.

As part of the investigation, the NHIS also seized Jimin’s apartment. While the company initially argued that Jimin was negligent, the agency later argued that the singer was not at fault for failing to pay his premiums. Bighit Music also apologized for their oversight. The singer and the gang subsequently returned to South Korea.

HYBE Labels apologizes to Jimin

After the controversy surrounding BTS’s alleged draft dodging scandal, HYBE Labels has apologized to the star for the incident. The label used a derogatory term to describe the star in their behind-the-scenes video. Fans condemned HYBE for using such a term and even went so far as to tweet a response using the hashtag #RespectJimin.

BTS appeared at the ICN airport on November 17 en route to Los Angeles, where they will perform offline. A lucky netizen was also on that flight and posted a picture of Jimin to Instagram. The picture caused BTS fans to lash out at HYBE, and fueled rumors that the label had mistreated Jimin.

HYBE has apologized to Jimin and released a statement describing the singer’s condition. According to the statement, Jimin is no longer in danger and has recovered from his wound. He has been discharged from the hospital and is recovering at home. The statement also expressed gratitude for the fans’ support and for the doctors’ courage in fighting the pandemic. The label emphasizes that the health of its artists is always its first priority.

A recent report revealed that BTS member Jimin nearly lost his luxury apartment because of his unpaid health insurance premiums. In addition, BTS visited the White House to meet President Joe Biden and addressed the controversy regarding Jimin. The label’s apology to Jimin came months after the controversy. Jimin has since apologized for his actions and expressed his sincere regret for the scandal.

NHIS cancels registration of bts jimin health insurance

A national health insurance service in South Korea has seized an apartment of bts Jimin, a member of the idol group BTS. The apartment was purchased by Jimin for 5.9 billion won in May 2018. On April 22, the National Health Insurance Service mailed four seizure notices to Jimin’s residence, and Jimin reportedly paid the insurance premiums on April 22.

According to a report published by Korean news outlet Biz Hankook, the National Health Insurance Service had seized the apartment of the BTS member after he failed to pay health insurance premiums. The agency cited the agency’s negligence and said the mistake was due to an accident. The company said it was a mistake and has since repaid the arrears.

Big Hit Music, the agency that Jimin signed up with, had failed to pay the premiums. Despite receiving the notices, Jimin opted for a health insurance plan with a lower premium. In addition to this, Jimin recently released a new OST titled ‘With You’ from the tv series Our Blues, a drama that has starred Ha Sung-woon. The single broke several records, including a record for a Korean solo singer.

After the news broke, Jimin apologized to fans in a public letter. It’s unclear whether this apology was made during the BTS visit to the White House, but he did thank the president for the gesture. Regardless, the apology may have something to do with the back payments he owed his insurance company. The National Health Insurance Services had threatened to seize Jimin’s property unless he paid the back payments. After Jimin paid the back payments, the threat was withdrawn.


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