Cheap Health Insurance in Texas

cheap health insurance in texas

There are many different options available when it comes to getting cheap health insurance in Texas. One way to find a good deal is to compare different quotes online. Each company has different criteria for determining payments, so quotes can vary greatly. It is best to shop around for the best deal before making any commitments.

Friday Health Plans

The Friday Health Plans health insurance program offers affordable health plans with a focus on individual and small-business health insurance. They provide plans with low deductibles and low copays and cover 10 essential health benefits. They also offer $0 copays for doctor and telehealth visits. Depending on the plan you select, you can even get free prescriptions and unlimited mental health and virtual doctor visits.

There are seven different Friday health plans that cater to Texans who do not have employer-based coverage. They include a Catastrophic Plan that covers accidents and sickness. In addition, this plan includes three free visits to a primary care physician in-network. This plan is priced at under $100 per month.

Friday Health Plans was founded in 2015 by two health technology industry veterans. Their goal was to make health insurance as easy as possible for independent workers. They also wanted their plans to be easy to use, affordable, and have great customer service. In 2017, they acquired Colorado Choice Health Plans, a health insurance company that served rural Colorado. In 2018, they expanded their service to cover all of Colorado. Since then, they have launched their health plans in New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas.


Texas residents should be aware of the Texas Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act (TITEPA), a state law that requires health care providers to notify individuals of a breach of personal information. The law applies to persons in Texas, entities in Texas, and foreign nationals who have a need to obtain or handle PHI for Texas residents. Violators are subject to civil monetary penalties.


Humana offers a variety of health plans that are both affordable and flexible. Many of these plans allow you to save up to 50% on your health insurance costs. These plans offer PPO and high-deductible health plans, and you can choose the deductible, co-insurance level, and monthly premium. You can also choose optional extras for extra coverage.

Humana is rated by Consumer Affairs with a four-star rating based on more than 2,000 consumer reviews. Customers praised Humana’s customer service representatives, Silver Sneaker program, low deductibles, and wide network of providers. The company was also given an overall value rating after an assessment of its costs. Its monthly premiums, annual deductibles, emergency room visits, and out-of-pocket maximum were compared to other plans.

Humana has received the highest CX Index(tm) scores of any health insurance company in the 2022 Forrester survey, which measures consumer experiences with 17 brands. It is important to note, however, that Forrester does not endorse any company or advise consumers to choose products based on these ratings.

Humana is one of the largest companies in the healthcare industry. Its health plans are offered in 14 states. It also sells supplemental health plans and life insurance plans. Humana’s corporate headquarters is located in Kentucky. The company also sponsors a variety of wellness programs. Its Humana Helps program aims to promote the importance of preventive screenings and exercise.


TrueCoverage is a website that will help Texans find cheap health insurance. Their agents will help you understand deductibles, copays, and coinsurance rates. They will also educate you on the basic benefits of each plan. These services are completely free and do not require your consent.

TrueCoverage will also give you the best advice on which Texas health insurance plan is right for you. Their site also lists top health insurance companies in Texas, using criteria from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, such as Medical treatment options and Preventive care. The time to find the best ACA-compliant Texas health insurance is now, and you can start right now by using TrueCoverage.

TrueCoverage provides health insurance plans from several state and national insurance companies. Their website is easy to use, and they offer free consultations from licensed insurance agents. TrueCoverage offers an array of affordable health insurance plans and other supplemental coverage. Whether you need coverage for a family member or yourself, they can help you find a plan that meets your needs and budget.


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