Oscar Health Insurance Review

oscar health insurance

Oscar health insurance provides health coverage for preventive care, doctor visits, and prescription drugs. The company also covers surgery and emergency care. In some markets, it also offers virtual primary care. This is a unique service that gives customers access to primary care practitioners who can provide preventive care via video visits.


The cost of Oscar health insurance depends on several factors, including the type of plan you choose, your location, age, and family size. While Oscar’s four tiers cover the majority of doctor visits and generic drugs, you will need to pay for the remainder of your out-of-pocket expenses.

With more than a million members in 607 counties across 22 states, the company is well-positioned to continue growing. It has recently received $140 million in funding from several venture capitalists, including Alphabet. Other investors include Baillie Gifford, Capital G, Lakestar, and Reinvent.

The company offers a wide range of health insurance plans and concierge services. In addition to free virtual doctor visits, it also provides 24-hour consultations with medical specialists and helps its customers build their individualized healthcare teams. Customers can purchase an Oscar health insurance plan through the Obamacare exchange program or directly from the company. It offers small plans in 22 states, as well as free access to doctors on call and care teams.

Customer satisfaction

Although Oscar is a relatively new company, the company has received mixed reviews from consumers. Its complaints record from the Better Business Bureau is largely negative. Most of the complaints were regarding billing issues. Some members also complained about a lack of dental and vision coverage. Overall, they had a poor customer experience.

Oscar was started in response to the Affordable Care Act, which aims to create a more user-friendly approach to health care. Since then, it has outpaced expectations and has seen its membership reach more than 17,000 members. The health insurance industry has an ultra-low net promoter score of twelve, and Oscar saw this as an opportunity to stand out.

The company offers individual and small business health insurance plans. Some of its notable perks include virtual doctor visits and a mobile app. While individual plans tend to be more expensive than competitors, Oscar is a good option if you’re looking for convenience. It’s also a solid choice if you’re looking for a health insurance policy that has plenty of features for minimal cost.

While the company is expanding into new states, it is also facing challenges as it attempts to build a network of hospitals in various states. In New York, the company has partnered with only three hospital systems compared to 77 hospitals previously. While this is a significant change, Oscar defended the move as being the best for its customers.

Oscar offers a mobile app and an online account for its members. The app allows members to search doctors and book appointments, as well as view their credentials. The mobile app also lets members communicate with the concierge team and receive an estimate of the cost of services. It’s also worth mentioning that it also offers a doctor-on-call service.

Customer service is another Oscar strength. A team of registered nurses and care guides helps members get answers to clinical questions. These concierges are also there to help members find doctors and coordinate their care. The team’s primary goal is to increase the member’s satisfaction. This team also strives to minimize errors and streamline claims processes.

In addition to the new customer service, Oscar is also making progress in the development of its platform. The company recently closed a $140 million funding round led by Tiger Global Management and Thrive Capital. Other investors include Dragoneer, Baillie Gifford, Lakestar, and Founders Fund. The company is looking to raise more money in the near future.

Although Oscar is a relatively new company, its culture is great. People are friendly and helpful. However, there are several complaints about the wording used on policies. Also, Oscar does not offer a large network of medical providers. However, despite this, the company offers a low-cost prescriptions, free doctor visits, and virtual visits. Overall, it is an excellent health insurance provider.

Virtual Urgent Care

Oscar health insurance offers a virtual urgent care option for its members. The service allows customers to access a doctor from the comfort of their home at any time. Virtual Urgent Care can be used for a wide range of medical problems, from minor illnesses to life-threatening conditions. Its virtual health centers can even prescribe medication.

In addition to its physical locations, Oscar’s virtual urgent care service can be used in select US territories. Prescriptions can be filled free of charge if arranged with an Oscar Virtual Primary Care Provider. However, some plans have limits on the number of free visits. You can find more details about this in the plan’s documents.

Oscar Health Insurance offers virtual primary care and virtual urgent care. This service lets users consult with an Oscar doctor virtually. The doctor will diagnose your problem, order prescriptions, and even make an appointment for a specialist. These member perks are popular with many customers. The app has been rated 4.7 stars by Apple users, and it has received glowing reviews from satisfied customers. If you’re worried about your health, Oscar’s virtual urgent care can help you access quality care anytime, anywhere.

The new service is set to roll out in several markets in 2021. It will first be available to Oscar members in Texas, and then will expand to Miami and Fort Lauderdale. It will also be available to Cigna members in Georgia and Tennessee. If you have an Oscar health insurance plan, you can sign up for this service and start receiving care online as soon as possible.


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