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Health Screening for Schools and Facilities

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DOE schools require students to complete the health screening before they are allowed to attend. The screening is mandatory and resets every night at midnight, but it does not take long. The entire process only takes about ten minutes and costs $3.75 per person. The DOE website is easy to navigate and provides detailed instructions for students.

Cleared to Enter DOE Schools and Facilities Message

When entering DOE schools and facilities, the visitor must show a valid Cleared to Enter DOE Schools and Facilities message to be admitted. The message can be printed or accessed by phone, and is required to be presented upon entry. It also provides directions and contact information for the DOE’s public safety hotline.

To enter DOE buildings, visitors must have the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes employees, as well as newly hired staff. Chancellor Porter sent an email to all staff on August 23 with instructions on how to provide proof of vaccination. Those who wish to visit DOE facilities or charter schools must ensure they have a current vaccination certificate.

Required health screening at home

While most people get their health screenings at the doctor’s office, home health screenings are a good idea for many people. They can help identify diseases and conditions that you may not even know about. These tests can also detect conditions in people who do not have any symptoms. The goal of these tests is to help diagnose illnesses before they become severe.

Required COVID testing

Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), employers must use COVID-19 viral testing for health screening purposes if the screening is job-related or if the test is in accordance with current guidance from public health authorities. Employers must also keep confidential medical records of employees.

Despite this guidance, it may still be permissible for an employer to refuse COVID screening for health screening purposes. However, the employer must have a reasonable belief that COVID-19 testing is consistent with the business necessity of the company. Moreover, the employer must not use COVID testing to discriminate against a person.


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