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NYC DOE Health Screening Questionnaire

health screening questionnaire nyc doe

If you are planning to visit the doe in New York City, be sure to complete a health screening questionnaire. The NYC DOE requires that all visitors to the doe submit to a health screening before they are allowed to enter the facility. The questionnaire will include information about accepted tests, such as COVID-19.

Complete a short questionnaire before entering a DOE facility

Before you visit a DOE facility, you must complete a short health screening questionnaire. This is required for visitors, DOE employees, and DOE families. This screening is intended to provide general health information and should not replace professional medical advice. Please review the screening guidelines and instructions carefully before completing it.

Accepted tests for COVID-19

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have updated the guidance regarding COVID-19 vaccination requirements for school-age children. The CDC advises against automatically quarantining students who are suspected of COVID exposure. The guidance also suggests that schools should not perform routine COVID-19 testing for children. However, if school officials feel that regular COVID-19 testing is necessary, they can seek the consent of families through the NYCSA. NYCSA requires health screenings for all school children, staff and visitors.

In addition to the CDC guidance, employers must implement a process that includes daily symptoms screenings for employees. This may include a prescreening prior to work each day to determine if employees exhibit signs of COVID-19. This screening must be conducted with non-contact thermometers and face coverings.

Testing for COVID-19 is an integral part of the health screening process. A positive test must be reported to the state using a COVID-19 Reporting Form. If a child tests positive, they must stay home for five days until a negative test is received. However, if the student does not exhibit symptoms, they can return to school on day six.

Testing for COVID-19 is required for all DOE students and staff who participate in competitive PSAL sports and afterschool sports. The vaccine must be FDA and World Health Organization-approved. However, some vaccines are not effective against COVID-19. It is important to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before participating in these sports.

NYC Health + Hospitals is committed to providing quality care for all New Yorkers. NYC Test & Treat Corps has a comprehensive program to ensure you get the best care for your COVID-19 infection. They provide free testing, connect you to COVID care centers, and operate the city’s COVID hotline.

Accepted tests for COVID-19 include the PCR, ELISA, and COVID antibody tests. The WHO has approved these tests as emergency measures and has issued authorizations for emergency use. Additionally, the CDC has issued guidelines and guidance for those who are unaware of their COVID vaccination status.

A COVID-19 diagnosis must be laboratory-confirmed within 90 days of a previous diagnosis. The period is measured from the day the employee or guest received the positive result. If the results are negative, the employee or guest must undergo further screening. However, if the test is positive, the employee/guest may not enter the building.

NYCDOE requires that school-based employees complete an in-person screening assessment every time they enter a NYCDOE building. The results of the screening are valid until midnight on the same day. Employees who pass the test need to present their clearance when re-entering the NYCDOE building. The NYCDOE also provides a paper version of the health screening questionnaire.

School site designated staff checks for completion of health screening

In NYCDOE schools, the in-person health screening assessment for all school staff is a requirement. The screening results for school-based staff are valid until midnight the following day. Staff must display their clearance whenever they re-enter a school building. NYCDOE also offers a paper form for completion of the health screening questionnaire.

A school site designated staff will review the incoming health screening reports to ensure that students have completed the screenings. If a student does not complete the screening at home, the school site designated staff should call a parent to help with the process. They should also ask the student about his or her well-being. A student who cannot answer the questions must be checked for a fever.

Students who have passed the health screening questionnaire will be allowed to return to their classrooms. If they have a positive result for COVID-19, students will be taken to a designated area for symptomatic students. The designated staff will follow the protocol for COVID-19 Care of the Symptomatic Student.

School sites with in-house health screening staff should provide a paper form to visitors and students who cannot complete the screening tool online. These forms must be kept for 30 days and should be available to designated staff. School sites can also include a template form for visitors and employees.


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