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Healthy Paws, Figo, and Embrace

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healthy paws

Healthy Paws pet insurance covers your pet’s medical expenses and also helps animals in need. This pet insurance plan can provide you with peace of mind and freedom from fear and anxiety. Healthy Paws offers various plans for different breeds and sizes of animals. Getting coverage for your pet will ensure that your beloved pet will receive the best care possible.


While both Healthy Paws and Figo provide good coverage for medical bills, the Figo plan is more customizable and allows for extra fees. Figo covers exams, which Healthy Paws doesn’t. Figo also offers greater flexibility when it comes to deductible and reimbursement amounts.

Figo’s policies cover illnesses and accidents, including surgery and congenital and hereditary conditions. These policies also cover costs associated with veterinary exams and x-rays and other tests. Veterinary specialists and alternative therapies are covered as well. However, there is a waiting period for a Figo policy.

Healthy Paws has a 15-day waiting period, while Figo has a six-month waiting period. Compared to Figo, Healthy Paws has a longer waiting period for orthopedic issues, such as hip dysplasia. However, this waiting period can be minimized by an orthopedic exam.

Figo’s team of vet techs, insurance experts, and creatives are dedicated to ensuring that you receive top-quality care. Their online portal and mobile app allow you to manage your account with ease. In addition, a chatbot named Evie streamlines the claim-filing process. Figo also offers a 24-hour telehealth line for its members. This service allows customers to connect with a veterinarian via video chat or text. This helps them identify emergencies quickly.

Compared to HealthyPaws, Figo provides more comprehensive coverage and shorter waiting periods. It also covers pets of all ages. Healthy Paws has the best reputation in the pet insurance industry, although most customer complaints are from those who failed to read the policy. The most common complaints are about the reimbursement level and deductible.

Figo offers several plans, including one for cats and one for dogs. Depending on your needs, Figo can provide coverage for your pet up to $1,000. Moreover, there are several discounts available for Figo customers, such as those who own medical services pets and veterans. In addition, Figo provides a free smartphone app that can help you monitor your pet’s health.

Figo offers three coverage options: Essential, Basic, and Ultimate. The essential plan includes coverage for routine health care, while the Ultimate plan provides full coverage for any condition. Both options provide access to a veterinarian, and you can choose which one is right for your pet.


Healthy paws at Petco is one of the most reputable pet brands in the world. It has been insuring pets since 2009, and their plan is affordable and easy to understand. It offers coverage for illness and accident. You can choose a plan that’s right for your pet’s age and breed.

Healthy Paws offers a robust online user experience, with easy access to your account from any computer or mobile device. The website has tools for managing your policy, filing claims, and reviewing your claim status. Customers can also upload itemized vet bills and receive reimbursement by check or direct deposit. Healthy Paws also offers a 30-day free-look period.

Healthy paws at Petco’s plan includes vaccinations, grooming, behavioral training sessions, and adoption facilities. You can also enroll more than one pet in the same household. A 30-day money-back guarantee is available to non-New York residents who have never filed a claim. In the event of a claim, you can submit your claim online within 270 days and receive reimbursement by mail check or direct bank deposit.

Healthy Paws’ policy covers any health problems that affect your pet. This includes emergency veterinarian visits and treatments. Healthy Paws was founded by animal rescue volunteers and has since insured more than half a million pets. It also regularly donates to animal rescues. Its Every Quote Gives Hope charity program has donated over $1 million to animal shelters.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance does not cover dental problems, but does cover accidental trauma. Another pet insurance plan, Embrace, covers dental issues for up to $1,000 per policy year. Healthy Paws requires a physical exam, but it has a shorter waiting period than Embrace. You can apply up to six weeks after your pet’s birth or purchase.


Embrace has a variety of pet health insurance plans that include a number of specialized services for your pet. The plan also covers many types of care, including cancer treatment. The plan also covers take-home medication for some ailments. If your pet becomes ill, you won’t have to worry about paying for treatment, since Embrace pays for all of the costs.

If you have a pet that’s already ill or injured, you may want to enroll him or her in an insurance plan that covers orthopedic problems. Embrace will pay for this type of examination, which usually has a waiting period of 14 days. For these plans to cover orthopedic treatment, the veterinarian must fill out a form called an Orthopedic Exam Report Card. If your dog is already suffering from an orthopedic condition, you can opt to waive the waiting period by having the doctor fill out an Orthopedic Exam Report Card.

Embrace also offers a multi-pet discount, which can save you a significant amount of money. When you add another pet to your existing policy, a 10% reduction will be applied automatically. Also, if you’re a member of the military, you can qualify for a 5% military discount. In addition, the company offers a wellness plan that reimburses policyholders for routine care for their dogs, including heartworm prevention, vaccinations, grooming, and more. Unfortunately, the wellness plan is not available in Rhode Island, but it’s worth checking into to ensure that your dog is receiving the best care.

Embrace offers a variety of wellness plans for pets, but there are some limitations. For example, the wellness plan doesn’t cover behavioral therapy. It may also exclude certain services, like microchipping, dog activity monitors, chiropractic work, and training. However, these benefits are comparable to others in the market.

Embrace offers several different deductible levels, which can be used to lower monthly premiums. Additionally, Embrace offers an innovative Healthy Pet Deductible that credits pet owners with $50 for every year they are free of claims. As a result, you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money on your pet’s insurance.

Petco plus

The Healthy Paws with Petco plus insurance plan is a good option for pet owners who are looking for affordable pet health insurance. The monthly premiums for Healthy Paws are around $40 to $80 for dogs and $15 to $35 for cats. However, you should keep in mind that these monthly premiums can go up significantly depending on your pet’s age and health condition. The cost of veterinary care in your area may also vary.

Another great thing about Healthy Paws is the fact that it offers pet wellness coverage that you can use once. While the plan may not be as convenient as a health insurance plan, it can be a good option for pet owners that want to avoid unexpected pet costs. You can even submit a claim by uploading a photo of your pet’s vet bill to receive a reimbursement. Typically, you will receive the money within three to 10 days. The policy also provides a money-back guarantee after 14 days.

There are a few exclusions to Healthy Paws, though. Certain illnesses and accidents are not covered. Hip dysplasia, for example, is excluded. Pets that are older than 6 years will have to wait a year before they can be treated. However, Healthy Paws works with any licensed veterinarian in the USA and Canada. The program provides coverage for unexpected ailments, and customers love that it’s so inexpensive.

Customers tend to be happy with Healthy Paws, but not everyone is. While the company claims to cover vet visits, some customers say that they weren’t able to get their pets a thorough exam. While this is a good idea, Healthy Paws’ policies don’t cover the full cost of veterinary services. The policy only covers specific services during the vet visit, which is often upsetting for some pet owners. In some cases, you may have to provide documentation to prove your pet’s illness before you can collect the reimbursement.

Healthy Paws is a good option if you’re looking for pet insurance. This plan reimburses up to 90 percent of the vet bills and helps pet owners avoid unexpected veterinary bills. Healthy Paws is good for pets with pre-existing conditions and accidents. It also covers alternative care and hereditary diseases, which means you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your pet’s care.


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