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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Review

healthy paws pet insurance

If you’re looking for a pet insurance policy with no waiting period, Healthy Paws may be the right option. However, the plan has a few limitations. It doesn’t cover dental illness or offer any discounts. Also, there is a per-condition deductible. However, overall, this insurance is not a bad choice for most people.

Has a 12-month waiting period for hip dysplasia

Healthy Paws is a pet insurance plan that covers vet services for dogs and cats. This plan covers routine care and emergency treatments, including surgeries and procedures, as long as your pet is under age six. The company offers a customer service line to address any questions you may have about the coverage. It covers a variety of diseases and injuries, including behavioral therapy and dental illnesses. Healthy Paws also includes coverage for spay and neuter surgeries.

While there are some limitations with Healthy Paws, this plan has high customer satisfaction ratings and is one of the best choices for pet insurance. It offers a simple plan without payout caps, a mobile app for paperless claims, and low monthly premiums. Hip dysplasia coverage is excluded for dogs older than six years, so if your pup has hip dysplasia at a later age, this plan might not be the best choice.

Doesn’t cover dental illness

Healthy Paws pet insurance plans don’t cover routine dental care, including cleanings or dental extractions, but they do cover dental illness and dental injuries. The insurance also covers tooth extractions and dental reconstructions if the injuries are caused by an accident. Healthy Paws offers customer service by phone and by email, but most issues can be handled online.

When a pet is first enrolled in a Healthy Paws policy, a veterinary exam is required. If the exam is not completed within the first 30 days, the policy will lapse. Additionally, there is a waiting period before dental illness and injuries are covered.

Doesn’t offer discounts

Healthy Paws offers insurance for both dogs and cats. It charges a $25 enrollment fee, which covers the costs of setting up the account and monthly billing. Customers can access their account online or via the mobile app 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can also send in pictures of their veterinarian bills, and can track their claims online.

Healthy Paws doesn’t offer discounts, but it does offer some great benefits. For example, the Vital Care plan offers unlimited routine exams, vaccinations, grooming services, and free bags of pet food. In addition, owners can earn rewards points that can be used towards free items for their pets.

Has a per condition deductible

Healthy Paws pet insurance does have a per condition deductible, which can be a disadvantage for some pet owners. It’s not necessary to pay this amount every time your pet needs treatment, but if your pet has a number of chronic conditions, it can be a huge expense. The good news is that Healthy Paws offers a range of deductible options, from $0 to $1,000. However, determining which deductible is best for your pet will require some research. Choosing the correct deductible amount will determine your savings.

Healthy Paws pet insurance is underwritten by Ace Property and Casualty Insurance Company, which has the highest possible rating of “A++” from AM Best. This means that the company is financially sound and will be able to meet its policy obligations. It also has an online quote tool to make it easier for customers to determine how much their policy will cost. While Healthy Paws doesn’t offer 24 hour customer support, the company’s customer service representatives are friendly and quick to assist you with your questions.

Has no 30-day money-back guarantee

Healthy Paws is a company founded in Bellevue, Washington, in 2009. Its mission is to support pet owners in unexpected situations and eliminate pet homelessness. Although its coverage limits are perfect for most pet owners, the premiums can be high, especially for purebred dogs. This makes comparison shopping essential.

While the 30-day money-back guarantee is available in some states, the policy doesn’t offer it in New York. Healthy Paws does offer comprehensive online tools and an app that lets customers manage their policies and claim status. The app also allows customers to upload a veterinary bill or itemized invoice, which makes it easier to submit claims. Customers can also choose to receive reimbursement by check or direct deposit.

Healthy Paws’s cancellation policy allows you to cancel at any time. The company will refund your premium in full if you are not satisfied within the first 30 days. You can cancel by phone, fax, or regular mail. Healthy Paws’ customer service staff aims to respond to inquiries within 3-5 business days during the work week.


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