Free Mental Health Services

free mental health services

As part of the response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, mental health professionals are providing free counseling and other mental health services. These services include support groups, messaging services, and teletherapy. While many are available to anyone, some are targeted toward front-line workers who are not able to get to a clinic for treatment. Be aware, however, that these services may collect your personal information.


iPrevail has a mission to improve lives and improve the mental health of those who need them most. They do this by providing clinically proven health programs and a supportive peer network. Their Anywhere Based Care platform, an interactive online platform that helps people overcome challenges, has been proven in multiple clinical trials. It helps reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, improves users’ health and increases their willingness to seek additional care. This groundbreaking program has the potential to change the economics of mental illness.

iPrevail offers online counseling, community support groups, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. All of these are free and available to all Los Angeles County residents. Users can access the program anytime and anywhere and can chat with trained peer specialists as well as complete programs. The service is accessible around the clock and has been shown to help people overcome a range of mental health issues.

The program offers research-based questions, interactive lessons, and supportive coaching. The program also provides ongoing progress assessment. The online coaching service can be accessed from any computer, including mobile devices. It covers several topics including depression, substance abuse recovery, anxiety, grief, and loneliness.

Better Access

The Better Access to free mental health services program offers free sessions with qualified mental health practitioners to eligible individuals. The program covers up to 10 individual or group sessions per year. These sessions can be conducted in person or over the telephone, depending on the provider. The program also offers telehealth services for people who live in remote regions.

The Better Access program is funded by the federal government. It provides general practitioners with funding for mental health services, including early intervention and assessment. This program also covers up to 10 individual or group therapy sessions. The program is not a substitute for a qualified mental health provider, but it helps to ensure that people have access to the care they need.

Mental health providers can also be found through an employee assistance program (EAP). This is a service that is paid for by the employer and is free for employees. Employees can find more information about the EAP program in their company’s employee handbook or by contacting their human resources department. EAP benefits usually last for a year, and some employers offer discounted out-of-pocket rates for continued care.

NAMI Westside Los Angeles

Crisis intervention is a 24/7 telephone helpline that provides emotional support to those in crisis. The service connects callers with trained Active Listeners to resources in their community. These connections are private and one-on-one. The advocates provide compassionate support, crisis intervention information, and referral services in more than 200 languages.

The organization also offers free education programs for families of individuals with mental health conditions. NAMI Westside Los Angeles is an affiliate of NAMI, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of millions of Americans affected by mental illness. The nonprofit organization provides mental health education programs, support group programs, and referrals to Angelenos in need of help.

The mission of NAMI Westside Los Angeles is to promote recovery from mental illness and eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness. The organization aims to empower individuals to lead more fulfilling lives, reduce the negative impacts of substance abuse, and create healthier communities. The organization also works to change the conversation about mental illness through the media and arts.

Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation

The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation offers free services to African Americans suffering from mental illness. The organization is headed by actress Taraji P. Henson, who was a teacher before her fame. She also founded the foundation in honor of her father, Boris Lawrence Henson, a Vietnam war veteran who suffered from mental illness. The foundation aims to change the negative stigma associated with mental illness among the African-American community and encourage people to seek help.

The foundation is a nonprofit organization with a mission to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness in the Black community. The foundation partners with other organizations to bring resources and education to the community. One such partnership is with iPrevail, a company that provides free mental health coaching and lessons online. This partnership also helps break down the stigma that is associated with seeking help.

The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation also has a program whereby individuals with serious mental illness can access free virtual therapy sessions with licensed clinicians. The foundation will launch the website on April 15th, and people can also text “NOSTIGMA” to 707070 to make a donation.

NYC Well

NYC Well provides free mental health and substance use services to New Yorkers through a 24/7 call center. The service matches people with trained counselors and peer support specialists. It is confidential and available in 200 languages. Callers can request a referral for a mental health or substance abuse treatment program based on their needs, such as language, insurance requirements, and convenient locations.

NYC Well works to promote access to mental health services by addressing the stigma surrounding mental health issues. This stigma is an essential barrier that prevents people from seeking help. To combat this, NYC Well participants developed messaging that makes mental health services available and inviting to all people. These messages challenge the prevailing narratives of shame and stigma associated with mental health issues.

As more people are seeking mental health treatment, New York City is working to improve mental health services in the city. The city’s efforts to increase public awareness of mental health issues have led to substantial investments in mental health crisis prevention and intervention.


For individuals struggling with mental illness, the COVID-19 free mental health services program can help. This program was created by the Riverside Trauma Center and the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health to provide free mental health services and crisis support for people in need. In addition to its mental health services, the COVID-19 Behavioral Health Information Hub offers resources for substance abuse, suicide prevention, housing, and food access.

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACMH) supports the mental health and wellness of County residents and their communities. When the news about an infectious disease outbreak is circulating, it can trigger anxiety, frustration, and depression. The best course of action is to focus on your own health, and prioritize taking care of your mental and physical well-being. During times of epidemics and pandemics, it is important to reach out to those who are in need of mental health services. The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health offers free resources for individuals, families, and communities.

People of all ages may be experiencing a wide range of emotions during a COVID-19 outbreak. Individuals suffering from emotional distress may be more likely to use substance abuse to cope with stress, loss of income, boredom, and trauma. Using substances can increase the risk of overdose. Additionally, individuals with thoughts of suicide may be more likely to use substances to cope with their emotional distress.


Talkspace is an app that connects people with licensed therapists in their state. The app’s interface is simple and quick to navigate. It asks a series of questions to match people with the right therapist. Once a match has been made, users can begin communicating with their therapist on a regular basis.

You can select the type of therapy you need and schedule an appointment. In most cases, you can expect to be matched with a therapist within a day or two. However, some reviews have reported that the matching process can take as long as two days. To avoid this, it’s recommended that you make an appointment with a psychiatrist 48 hours in advance. During your sessions, you can communicate with your therapist by phone or video message. You can also request to have a live video session.

Users can also send unlimited messages to their therapist. The therapists on Talkspace respond to messages daily or five days a week. They specialize in various topics and offer specific types of therapy. You can also switch between different therapists without any extra cost. Some health insurance plans also cover the costs of Talkspace services. It also offers secure communication with therapists and is password-protected.

7 Cups

If you are suffering from mental health problems, 7 Cups can help. The organization provides a peer-to-peer support system where anyone over the age of thirteen can access trained mental health professionals. The service is free to use, but you will need to be approved to join. Listeners are matched with people who have similar experiences and backgrounds. You can review listener profiles and request specific listeners to talk to.

To register on 7 Cups, you need to sign up and agree to the terms of service. In addition, you must agree that you are not in crisis or thinking about harming others. Then, you need to answer a questionnaire. During this questionnaire, you’ll be asked questions about your mood, emotional state, and any specific issues you are facing. Once you have answered the questionnaire, the site will recommend a mental health professional for further consultation. You can also choose to have a one-to-one or group chat support session with a listener.

You can also get a personalized counseling session from a trained therapist. While 7 Cups claims that all its therapists are licensed, reviews from users point to some problems. Some users have reported bullying or being banned from the site. Others have had problems with communication and have had their comments deleted.


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