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Mental Health Centers in Grand Lake, Michigan

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If you are looking for a mental health center in Grand Lake, Michigan, you have come to the right place. Learn about their location, services, and ratings. It will help you decide if this is a good place to turn. You can also find out about the reviews of other patients who have used the facility.

Grand Lake Mental Health Center

The Grand Lake Mental Health Center in Pryor, Oklahoma, has a group practice that specializes in mental health and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The group employs two physicians who specialize in 5 different areas. The center provides both inpatient and outpatient care. The facility also provides services for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. The center accepts Medicare and Medicaid. Private health insurance is also accepted. Payment assistance is also available. The facility does not offer financial assistance programs.

The Grand Lake Mental Health Center has been serving Northeast Oklahoma residents since 1979. It is an excellent place to receive therapy or rehabilitation services if you are suffering from a mental health disorder. The staff of GLMHC is committed to helping clients build on their strengths in order to improve their mental health. Additionally, the center provides co-occurring services for individuals with a primary mental illness and another disorder.

Grand Lake Mental Health Center is an organization that provides comprehensive mental health services to people living in northern Oklahoma. The organization has 22 locations and employs 200 people. It serves more than 1,600 individuals in the region. The organization operates two offices in Stillwater, including an outpatient clinic on Walnut Street, and a crisis center in the Cimarron Plaza. The organization also has land for a new campus, which could become a regional hub for mental health services.


The two Grand Lake Mental Health locations in Florida offer a variety of treatment options. They offer inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient programs are designed to address individual needs, while outpatient programs are centered on family dynamics. Outpatient rehab will provide a more homelike atmosphere for patients, with regular therapy sessions, detox and other therapies. Outpatient treatment is usually a follow-up after inpatient care, and is ideal for patients who need help but don’t want to spend a lot of time in the hospital.

Both Grand Lake mental health locations offer services to families who want to help their loved one overcome addiction. Family involvement can be crucial for recovery and helps loved ones understand the disease of addiction and learn how to cope with it. At Grand Lake mental health locations, loved ones can learn new skills to support the loved one and help them adjust to sober living.

Grand Lake Mental Health Center Inc. serves adults and children in northeastern Oklahoma. The Center is dedicated to helping individuals with mental health problems live productive lives. It offers therapy and rehabilitation services for people with a variety of mental health conditions. Its staff emphasizes existing strengths and builds upon these in order to achieve optimal mental health. The Center also provides services for people with co-occurring mental health disorders.


Since 1979, the Grand Lake Mental Health Center (GLMHC) has been serving children, adolescents, and adults in Northeast Oklahoma. The center provides therapy and rehabilitation services to help individuals improve their mental health. The staff at GLMHC focuses on building on the individual’s strengths to promote healthy mental functioning. The center also provides co-occurring services for people with a primary mental health disorder.

The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a 12 week program that includes individual, group, and rehab services. The program follows the Matrix Model and the Community Reinforcement Approach to help clients recover. Participants are regularly tested and receive certificates of completion. The program is aimed at helping individuals overcome the most common symptoms of mental illness.

Consumer Services at Grand Mental Health provide support and assistance to help individuals with their day-to-day activities. These include maintaining a stable home environment, maintaining a school, and improving social and emotional skills. These services can be provided in the community or at the patient’s home. In addition, life skills remediation is a major component of the program, and can help individuals with daily living skills, safety, and communication.


The Finance & Accountability Score is an important factor to consider when evaluating a nonprofit’s health. It measures an organization’s commitment to sound governance policies and practices. The rating may not reflect the current organization’s operations. However, the rating should give you a baseline to determine whether a nonprofit is financially healthy.

The Grand Lake Mental Health Center (GLMHC) has been serving northeastern Oklahoma communities since 1979. The center provides rehabilitation and therapy services to help adults and children with mental illness function successfully in their communities. Staff members use strengths-based therapies to help clients improve their mental health. The center also provides services for people with co-occurring mental illnesses.


If you’re in need of mental health services and you live in the Grand Lake area, you can make a complaint. Grand Lake Mental Health Center, Inc. is a mental health center in Oklahoma. The center has been in business since 1957. If you or someone you know has suffered from mental illness or addiction, you can file a complaint. You can also leave a review of your experience with the facility.

Patient feedback

The Grand Lake Mental Health Center offers a wide range of outpatient and inpatient services to the community. It also offers specialized services for people with disabilities. The facility accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance. Patients can also pay cash, self-pay, or use Payment Assistance. However, the center does not offer financial aid programs. Patients are encouraged to submit feedback about their experience at the center.

The Grand Lake Mental Health Center recently rebranded as GRAND Mental Health to reflect its broader commitment to mental health care. Currently, GRAND serves more than 10,000 clients through its 20 clinics across 12 counties. To ensure that it can continue to serve the community, it has embraced technology to connect with clients. It also utilizes iPads to provide clients with access to therapy services from anywhere.


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