Mental Health Clinics Near Me

mental health clinics near me

If you are looking for a mental health clinic near me, there are many options to choose from. If you have a mental health emergency or a complex condition, you may want to consider a public provider. These are often a better option than private clinics, and you can usually expect coordinated care. For instance, public mental health clinics often have integrated programs for dual diagnosis, which can be difficult to find in the private sector.

St. Lawrence County Mental Health Clinic

St. Lawrence County Mental Health Clinic is an outpatient mental health clinic that provides counseling, crisis intervention, and psychiatric treatment to clients in need. In addition to providing in-person services, the clinic offers services via Zoom video sessions and phone calls. Although it is reducing the number of in-person visits, the clinic will continue to offer services via phone and online.

The clinic also provides a number of supportive programs. For example, Reachout, a free crisis hotline, connects callers with other resources in the area. It has a mobile crisis team that responds to suicide calls. It also runs a program to train people to intervene during a crisis. Additionally, Reachout has developed a number of programs to make communities safer from suicide.

The clinic also offers aftercare support for those who successfully complete the program. For example, clients may be provided with a sober living home in Canton, NY or receive career counseling and educational assistance. Aftercare services also help to shape relapse prevention plans. Individual therapy is another component of the program. Individual counseling involves the patient and counselor and helps the patient gain a deeper understanding of the issues that led to their addiction.

Parallax Center for Mental Health

For people suffering from addiction or a mental illness, the Parallax Center for Mental Health is a great place to get treatment. This clinic offers drug rehab, dual diagnosis and outpatient services. It is open to both new and current patients. Some services are also offered through telepractice.

The Parallax Center offers outpatient and residential detox treatment programs. This treatment focuses on chemical dependency issues, such as alcohol and drug addiction. It uses medication management, a type of treatment that differs from traditional abstinence. In this program, prescription tablets are used to help clients overcome addiction. The detoxification program at Parallax costs $500 per day and is accepted by many health insurances. Patients can also pay out of pocket or with a co-pay.

The Parallax Center is a privately-owned substance abuse treatment clinic in New York City. It accepts people of all ages and specializes in treatment for both men and women. It has the following certifications and licenses to help individuals overcome their addiction problems.

Jewish Board

The Jewish Board of Mental Health Clinics are a network of community mental health clinics located throughout New York City that serve individuals with a wide range of mental health problems. These clinics provide individual, couples, family, and group therapy. They also offer evaluation and medication management services. Call the toll-free number to make an appointment. The line is staffed by agency clinicians and is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The organization’s main goal is to help people in their time of need. Mental health issues can affect anyone at any time, and they can impact any relationship. These problems can be caused by anxiety, depression, or other psychological conditions. Even members of the Jewish Orthodox community experience mental health problems from time to time. To help combat the mental health issues associated with Jewish Orthodox life, the Boro Park Counseling Center in New York City has created an Orthodox mental health center that provides counseling services for people who are suffering from emotional or social difficulties.


Manas mental health clinics near me are available to help individuals struggling with mental health issues. Founded in 1981, this Delhi-based organization aims to provide mental health support services to those in need. Their mission is to help individuals and their families achieve a better quality of life.

The e-Manas platform has a state-wide registry of mental health care providers. The system, developed by NIMHANS and the International Institute of Information Technology, Bengaluru, is a streamlined database of mental health care services in India. It aims to drive the digitization of mental health care services and help the state comply with the Mental Health Care Act, 2017.

In addition to the health counselor, the LHCs employ two additional full-time staff to help with the screening and registration of patients. One staff member also acts as the MANAS intervention’s case manager. This human resource is regarded as the most important resource of the facility, and most participants believed it should be a woman, fluent in local languages, and available regularly for consultations.

The MANAS intervention includes screening for CMD, categorization of severity, psychosocial treatments, adherence management, and visit by a visiting psychiatrist. However, adherence was often low, partly due to patients’ control over symptoms and lack of confidence that health care interventions would address life’s problems. The LHC is intended to provide face-to-face interpersonal therapy, but this was not available to most patients due to travel and lost time.

The MANAS trial evaluated the effects of a collaborative stepped-care intervention on recovery rates. The intervention was implemented in public and private primary care settings. The intervention was successful in improving recovery rates in both settings. However, the results are preliminary and might not reflect the true effect of the intervention.


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