Mental Health Cooperative

mental health cooperative

A mental health cooperative (MHC) is a nonprofit organization that offers state-of-the-art behavioral healthcare in a friendly, stigma-free environment. MHC has 256 employees. The organization’s mission is to promote mental health and wellness. Its programs help adults and children overcome mental illnesses and lead a healthy lifestyle.

MHC is a non-profit organization

Mental Health Cooperative recently ranked #94 on the Best Health Care Companies to Work For in Tennessee. The list ranks companies based on data collected from government and proprietary sources, company diversity, and employee satisfaction. Mental Health Cooperative has 256 employees, with a workforce made up of 70% women and 30% men.

The organization’s mission is to empower individuals with mental health problems and their families by providing comprehensive, integrated care. Its programs and services aim to help people experience hope and live a full life. Its services provide an environment where mental health is an integral part of everyday life.

The organization has 45 locations across middle and eastern Tennessee. It prides itself on providing in-person services and rapid access to care for its patients. Most clients are insured by Tennessee’s Medicaid program, or TennCare. The organization’s staff and physicians work as a team to meet the needs of their patients. Each team is led by a Care Manager, who addresses the problems the client is facing.

It offers outpatient and in-school programs

The Mental Health Cooperative offers outpatient and in-school programs that treat a variety of issues. These services include counseling for adults and children. These services use a variety of techniques, including EMDR, Equine-Assisted Therapy, and DBT skills, to help clients address behavioral health problems. These services are available for all types of health insurance plans. They also accept self-pay patients and bill for co-payments and deductibles. Children under the age of 18 must have a signed consent form.

The cooperative’s outpatient and in-school programs focus on a variety of common childhood issues. These include depression, anxiety, learning disorders, and attachment issues. The center’s therapeutic approach emphasizes the importance of communication and relationships with a family’s support system.

The cooperative provides both in-person and virtual programs. The in-person program is directed by a psychiatrist. The goal of these programs is to reduce the need for hospitalization and improve a patient’s quality of life. Psychiatric nurses provide information regarding medications and other treatments. Outpatient services are available five days a week, with extended hours on Monday and Tuesday evenings. The programs also use psychological testing to measure general mental health and personality traits.

The Mental Health Cooperative is a nonprofit mental health agency in Nashville that offers outpatient services. Its services are integrated with primary care and pharmacy services. Individual, group, and family therapy is offered to help patients overcome their problems. It also provides substance abuse therapy. Additionally, the mental health cooperative provides financial and housing assistance to its clients. It also provides case managers to help clients with transportation needs and health care.

Typically, children who require outpatient services attend a day treatment program. In these programs, healthcare providers provide comprehensive outpatient mental health services for children. Their goal is to help children function in their natural environments, while at the same time strengthening their families. The outpatient sessions last an hour and are held one or more times per week. Many clinics are located in public schools, but others operate separately.

It has 256 employees

Mental Health Cooperative pays its employees $40k to $60k per year. That’s above average, with about 46% of employees earning over that amount. Of those employees, 1% make less than $25k. In addition to this, the average employee tenure is two years. The median age is around twenty-five years.

The company has 256 employees, with an annual sales total of 16 million euros. It also manufactures high-quality yogurts, jams, and ice cream. It has been studied by Harvard’s business school, and has achieved its goal of providing jobs to people with mental illness in the La Garrotxa area.


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