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Mental Health First Aid Training

mental health first aid training

Mental Health First Aid training is a course designed to teach the skills needed to help people experiencing a mental health crisis. The course uses simulations and role-playing to teach students the signs and symptoms of mental illness. The course is available in-person and online. The skills you learn during this eight-hour course can help you in many situations.

12-hour course

A Mental Health First Aid training course is an excellent investment for anyone. Its aim is to help individuals in a crisis and to provide immediate support until professional help can arrive. Many people who have a high degree of interaction with the public find it particularly valuable. Like CPR, Mental Health First Aid is based on the principles of first aid and aims to help an individual while they are receiving appropriate care.

The course covers a variety of topics and is offered in both Spanish and English. The curriculum focuses on anxiety, depression, addictions, and psychosis. It can be taken online or in a classroom environment. Whether you’re working with youth or adults, it’s crucial to have a basic understanding of mental health first aid to provide assistance.

The course is designed to teach participants how to recognize warning signs of mental illness or substance use disorder. The course provides training on the five-step action plan for responding to an individual who is suffering from a mental health crisis. It also provides guidelines for connecting a person with appropriate care. As one in five adults will experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime, it’s crucial to learn how to respond to those symptoms as early as possible.

For information on how to enroll in a Mental Health First Aid course in your local area, visit the National Council’s Mental Health First Aid USA website. You can browse all available courses in your area or search by name of an instructor. If you find a course that’s available in your area, click on it to find more details.

Evidence-based program

Taking a Mental Health First Aid course will equip you with the skills to assist people who are suffering from mental health issues. The training course will teach you how to recognize symptoms of an individual in crisis and how to offer assistance. This training program is designed and taught by professionals. It can save a life.

The course is worth $170 and is designed to teach people in their everyday lives how to respond to people suffering from mental health issues. The course consists of two four-hour instructive sessions and one eight-hour interactive session. It includes interactive activities that make learning fun and engaging. The course also promotes a sensitive atmosphere. After successfully completing the course, participants receive three-year certification.

Mental Health First Aid training has become a valuable tool for preventing mental illness and connecting people with professional care. It is an evidence-based program that teaches people how to recognize and treat the signs of mental illness, including depression, addiction, and substance use disorders. It is an intensive 12-hour training course and certification program. Students learn a five-step action plan to help someone who may be experiencing a crisis. The course also discusses risk factors for mental health disorders and the warning signs of specific illnesses.

Research evaluating MHFA training has shown that participants improve their knowledge and skills, and improve their attitudes towards mental health. A meta-analysis of 18 controlled trials has found that participants improved their self-efficacy in diagnosing and treating mental illness, and were less likely to engage in stigmatizing behavior towards people with mental illnesses.

Skills-based training

A skills-based mental health first aid training course is a valuable way to improve your awareness of mental health and substance use issues and to help others who may be struggling. The course covers early warning signs and a five-step action plan to help people in both crisis and non-crisis situations.

The training is designed to train a wide range of individuals, including the general public, medical professionals, and community members. It also includes a cultural considerations module to prepare instructors to understand the impact of cultural differences and use appropriate cultural communication strategies. The Louisiana Hurricane Response Hub provided funding for this team’s training.

Mental Health First Aid training also teaches caregivers, supervisors, and other adults working with youth to recognize the signs of a mental health or substance use challenge. It teaches how to reach out, provide initial support, and help people connect with appropriate care. It also stresses the importance of early intervention.

The course also covers the effects of mental health problems, such as substance use, trauma, and self-care. The course teaches participants to recognize and respond to the signs of mental health issues, which can quickly escalate into a downward spiral.

Courses available in-person and online

Mental health first aid training is a comprehensive course designed to help lay people respond to an individual in need of assistance during a mental health crisis. The course teaches students how to identify warning signs and risk factors and builds a basic understanding of mental health problems. It also covers common treatments. After completing the course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion and are equipped with the skills they need to respond to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.

Mental Health First Aid training courses are 8 hours long and provide essential skills for individuals to help a person in a mental health crisis. These courses are based on the SAMSHA evidence-based program and teach participants how to identify the signs of a mental health or substance use crisis and to provide assistance. The courses teach a five-step action plan that includes assessing the situation, selecting appropriate interventions, and securing appropriate care.

These courses are available for both youth and adults. Many courses also offer Spanish and American Sign Language courses. For online courses, you’ll need a computer with video and sound capabilities. You’ll also need a laptop or tablet with Internet access and a webcam. You’ll need to complete two hours of online pre-course work ahead of time. Some classes offer financial assistance or are free.


If you are a mental health worker, or you want to become one, you should consider completing a Mental Health First Aid course. These training courses can help you understand mental illness and provide immediate assistance to people who are suffering from it. There are many different agencies that offer this training, and the costs can vary. Some charge as little as $15, while others charge as much as $200.

Mental Health First Aid is an eight-hour training course that prepares participants to recognize the symptoms of a mental health crisis and help people who are in need. The course can be taken as one full day session, or in two half-day sessions. The course is free to take, and you can also tailor the course to focus on certain topics such as substance abuse or mental illness.

Mental Health First Aid is a great way to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Many organizations have begun training the general public on how to recognize signs of mental illness. These classes are suitable for individuals, families, and groups. Mental Health First Aid is also useful for law enforcement, first responders, nurses, and emergency medical staff.

The National Council’s website allows you to search for a class in your area. It’s possible to search by location or instructor name to find a course that suits you. The site automatically updates the list of available courses. Once you find a course that suits your needs, you can click on “Register” to sign up.

Courses available at UNC-Chapel Hill

Students who want to be better equipped to deal with a crisis may consider taking Mental Health First Aid training courses at UNC-Chapel Hill. The campus offers a 24-hour crisis hotline and counseling waiting lists. It also offers several online courses.

Students can complete an eight-hour course on mental health first aid. The course teaches students, faculty, and staff how to respond to people experiencing a mental health crisis. The course also includes CPR training, which can help laypersons deal with cardiac emergencies.

UNC-Chapel Hill offers a free, eight-hour Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training course for students, faculty, and staff. This training helps people identify the warning signs of a mental illness or substance use disorder and how to provide the initial help needed. The course is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as an evidence-based intervention with proven results.

Mental Health First Aid is a groundbreaking public education program designed to educate the public on mental illness and substance use disorders. The program is organized by the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and the Missouri Department of Mental Health.


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