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Jefferson Center For Mental Health

jefferson center for mental health

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health is a nonprofit organization that serves Colorado residents in need of mental health care. Its services include Integrated case management programs, Crisis walk-in center, and Counseling. In addition to providing treatment, the Jefferson Center provides prevention programs and education to build a community of survivors.

Programs and services foster recovery and resilience

Recovery is a process of change, centered on self-determination and self-direction. It involves building trust, confidence, and social networks. Recovery is also a process of overcoming traumatic experiences. It requires a sense of hope for the future, which can be fostered by peers, family, and other allies.

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health provides a variety of programs and services to promote recovery and resilience in individuals suffering from emotional disorders and mental illnesses. These programs and services help individuals improve their self-esteem and lead healthy, fulfilling lives. The organization also offers social competences and peer support for those with disabilities, as well as advocacy for individuals in need.

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health’s Community Support Program (CSP) brings together mental health professionals, advocates, and consumers to promote quality mental health services. The CSP also works to eradicate stigma and discrimination. Its members participate in community activities to increase awareness of mental illness and promote positive outcomes for consumers. By working with individuals to improve their mental health, the CSP helps them regain confidence and self-esteem, and improve their independence.

Crisis walk-in center

The Crisis Walk-in Center at Jefferson Center for Mental Health is a place to turn to when you are experiencing a mental health crisis. Whether you are in a relationship crisis, experiencing suicidal thoughts, or simply experiencing grief, you can find help at the Center. The center accepts a variety of insurance plans and Medicaid. Because of this, you won’t be turned away for lack of coverage. The center is open 24/7 and can be reached by phone or in person.

Integrated case management programs

The Integrated Case Management Program at the Jefferson Center for Mental Health utilizes multidisciplinary teams to treat individuals with serious mental illnesses and substance use disorders. The multidisciplinary approach involves establishing psychosocial supports, managing relapses, and developing coping skills. The Jefferson Center approaches substance-related disorders as a multifactorial health condition and as a public health problem. The team works together with patients to develop treatment plans that meet the individual’s needs, goals, and clinical severity.

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health is a private, nonprofit organization that provides a range of services and programs for individuals with mental illnesses. Some of the services offered by the Center include a court-ordered outpatient program, integrated case management, and counseling. The Jefferson Center for Mental Health also offers a number of programs for youths, families, and seniors.

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health is a multidisciplinary center that includes licensed behavioral health clinicians and supports services to the residents of Jefferson County. The center was created in response to a rise in the number of calls to law enforcement regarding mental health. As a result, the Jefferson Center for Mental Health partners with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to provide deputies with ongoing training on behavioral health issues.

The Jefferson Center staff works with consumers to identify barriers that prevent them from accessing basic needs. They also collaborate with other community agencies and health care providers to ensure the best possible care. They also educate consumers on the benefits application process and connect them to the appropriate resources.


The Jefferson Center for Mental Health is a comprehensive, treatment-based facility for individuals suffering from addictions and other mental health conditions. Counselors work with patients to determine the root issues that have led to substance abuse and to develop individualized solutions to help clients recover more quickly. In addition to individual therapy, couples therapy is also available to help couples rebuild trust and communication.

Counselors in the Recovery Team are trained to work in conjunction with other medical specialists. For instance, the Jefferson Center Recovery Team may be able to offer dual diagnosis treatment. The treatment team is led by a licensed addiction counselor, which can help individuals overcome their addictions. These professionals work to treat both the psychological and the physical symptoms of addiction.

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health employs more than 700 people and offers a wide range of services. Programs are available at nineteen clinics, 40 schools, and nursing homes. Additionally, there are a variety of community referrals available. The staff is trained to help clients navigate the mental health system.

Shiloh House Estes is located in Jefferson County, CO. The facility offers residential and outpatient services for persons suffering from serious mental health conditions. It provides services such as trauma therapy and individual psychotherapy. It also provides case management. Those who need intensive treatment for their disorder can opt for residential treatment at the Jefferson Center for Mental Health.

Behavioral health services at the Jefferson Center for Mental Health are available in 18 locations across Jefferson, Gilpin, and Clear Creek counties. It is a private, nonprofit facility that serves more than 32,000 individuals annually.

Juvenile justice

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health offers a number of options for individuals facing juvenile justice. In addition to providing a full range of treatment options, we provide clinical case management and support to families and youth facing a range of issues. Our programs help clients prepare for the transition into adulthood and work with community providers to enhance services.

For example, our Jefferson County Topside Program helps multi-system-involved youth maintain crime-free behaviors. The program also helps youth examine their life circumstances and support systems. Our mission is to provide our community with a safer and healthier future for our youth. We strive to do this by offering innovative, evidence-based programs that empower youth to take charge of their lives.

Through evidence-based assessment and case management, we divert at-risk youth away from the juvenile justice system. This reduces the need for costly residential services and out-of-home placements. Additionally, we provide evidence-based treatment and support for our clients. Our services are coordinated to address the individual needs of each youth.

The Jefferson Center for Mental Health offers case management, evaluation, crisis care, residential programs, in-home services, and employment programs. We provide these services to over 32,000 individuals each year throughout Jefferson County, Clear Creek County, and Gilpin County. We also help people manage mental illnesses through integrated case management programs and suicide prevention.


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